Crown Casino in Melbourne, Australia

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For a long time Australia was not among the countries where the gambling business is developing most actively and brightly. So it was exactly up to the moment when the major Australian billionaire Lloyd Williams, who specializes in construction, decided to develop the gambling business in his country. Currently in Australia there are more than ten casinos built by Lloyd. Among them, Crown Casino became a special pride, which is striking in its scale.
Gambling institution is located Crown Casino in Melbourne. In itself, it is very huge, so it takes almost two whole blocks of the city. At the same time, for several years, Crown Casino has been fighting for the title of the largest casino in the Southern Hemisphere of the Earth with the South African gambling house Tusk Rio, which is distinguished by enchanting shows and an abundance of slots, such as igrosoft slot machines and others. Casino Crown Casino is certainly inferior to the opponent in size, but at the same time the facade and interior design at Crown Casino are simply divine and unique. When creating the interiors of this casino, the most valuable materials were used, such as black marble and stained oak, as well as handmade carpets, exclusive lamps and much more.
The main advantage of Crown Casino is the range and number of gambling games offered to guests. The whole institution consists of many halls of various thematic focus. So here are the Las Vegas, Mahogany Hall and Tick Hall rooms. All rooms offer a wide range of games such as blackjack, roulette, craps, and poker. A special place is occupied by an enormous number of gaming machines and slots, such as the Rope gaming machine and others. In addition, guests can enjoy Asian Pai Gau, poker, Sik-bo and Baccarat. All of them are attractive to all, without exception, city guests and places. It is worth noting that it was in this gambling house that the world’s first Rapid Roulette was exhibited – electronic roulette. It was she who initiated the craze for electronic gambling.
Above all, it is in Crown Casino that a lot of official Australian ceremonies take place. They begin with the presentation of the most prestigious Australian TV Awards Logie Awards, and the apogee can be called the awards of the winners of the Australian Grand Prix “Formula 1”.