Australian gambler Christie Geyzes

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Christie Geyzes is widely known to visitors to the online poker catalog as a fashionista and lover of stylish, exclusive items. However, it would be wrong to think that this is Christie’s only hobby. She is a talented poker player. For knowing the many varieties of poker, Geizes got the nickname “Mixed-Games”. In addition to poker, Christie pays a lot of attention to work on the stock exchange.
Christie Geizes was born in 1967 in California. She mastered the poker game thanks to her father, while still a child. However, this knowledge Christie until a certain time did not use. After high school, Christie realized herself in the film industry: the girl became a director of documentary films.
When Christie turned 21, she and her friends went to the casino. In order not to waste time, Christie sat down at the table, remembered the main lessons of her father and won several hands at once. After numerous victories at the casino and online gambling sites, Christie realized that the fastest way to earn money was poker. Pretty soon, she mastered all the varieties of poker, and became an active participant in many cash games in the casino. Almost immediately, Christie began to play at high limits. From 1990 to 2003, Kristie Geizes did not participate in tournaments. She acquired an irreplaceable, invaluable experience in games, and earned good money. Gayzes still calls poker one of the most efficient and fast ways to earn money.
After Christie earned a large amount of money as a result of numerous poker victories, she decided it was time for fame and titles. Christie was already a famous player, because when she began to take part in tournaments, many people were interested in this person.
In 2001, she took part in the Annual World Poker Challenge, where she finished ninth. However, real success came to her in 2005, when she won first place in the championship, which was held in Las Vegas. In 2007, events developed even faster. In January, she was ranked seventh on Australian millions, then stopped at the 16th line of the WPT Poker Classic tournament. In September 2007, Kristi Geizes with honor beat all rivals, and won the Ladies ’Night charity tournament as part of the World Poker Tour. During his career, Geizes earned about 500 thousand dollars.