Australian schools begin to teach math gambling

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Pupils in grades 10–12 of general education schools in the Australian state of Victoria started teaching mathematics in the framework of the standard mathematical course. This is a joint initiative of the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation and the Mathematical Association of Victoria, which has been experimentally implemented in five local schools. According to the general opinion, such a decision is long overdue.
Williamstown high school students are introduced to the basic principles of probability theory with illustrative examples (“you are more likely to be killed by lightning than to win the jackpot on the slot machine”), model lottery draws, and also study the economic impact of gambling on various sectors of society. They are warned about the need to set limits for losses and that, before playing, you need to spend money on vital expenses.
According to the inspectors, the schoolchildren are shocked by the huge amount of money that bookmakers and casinos make on gambling players. Also among young Australians are misconceptions about the probabilities of winning. Here they are told that random events have no memory, and which side the coin falls on does not depend on the results of the previous shots. Students who have attended these classes will admit that they no longer believe in luck as they did before.
“If the children have an idea that the odds are not in their favor, there is hope that they are unlikely to take this path,” says one of the teachers. – “They come to the understanding that in the long run the organizers of gambling always win, and the players lose.”
Statistics says: two-thirds of local teenagers made at least one bet in the last 12 months. Foundation President Serge Sardo argues that the advertising and availability of gambling in Australia has reached unprecedented proportions. “Here, literally everyone carries a casino in their own pocket,” he concludes. Therefore, the introduction of this initiative is dictated by the urgent need.