Do gambling Australians choose real or online casinos?

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Australia is full of contradictions and contrasts. This remote continent as if lives by its own rules, different from those adopted in the world. Here, wild untouched nature borders on ultramodern cities, the traditions of two hundred years ago are reflected in technology and culture. Australians are also one of the most gambling nations in the world. They legitimized their passion by adopting appropriate legislative projects that allow anyone to play gambling on the territory of the state. Naturally, the best online casinos have grown on such fertile soil.
On the territory of the country there are thousands of gambling establishments of various levels and sizes. According to the latest estimates, around 30,000 slot machines and slots have been installed in Australia. Truly large modern casinos total 18. Each of them can compare the beauty and range with the best institutions of the famous Las Vegas.
The most luxurious and modern gaming center is Crown Entertainment Center, which is located in Melbourne. It covers a huge area and has 350 different gaming tables. The complex offers a lot of gambling entertainment for every taste. Not only Australians, but also a huge number of tourists play here.
The main competitors of Crown Entertainment Center are the Sydney Star City entertainment center and the luxurious Jupiter hotel with its casino located on Broad beach Island. In their halls, players play roulette, poker, blackjack and baccarat as much as you want. The number of gaming machines in these institutions is simply incredible.
The easiest way to imagine how gambling and risky the Australians are is by reviewing the overall statistics of playgrounds for 2015. Last year, the average resident of the country spent $ 1,114 on bets, 520 of which went to online poker. The total amount of staked funds in the country was an incredible $ 12 billion. At the same time, 80% of players prefer online slot machines and slots.
Australia has a very developed online gaming industry. This is due to the absence of bans from the state, great demand for entertainment from the players, and the fact that in such a large territory of the country it is often difficult to get to the centers of gambling. Playing casino online for free and for real money is always easier and more comfortable than in real gambling sites.