The Chinese are going to build a new casino in Australia

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The Chinese are going to build a new casino in Australia. The last time the tourist business in Australia is going through hard times and the authorities are already thinking about how to fix this business. Fortunately, the truly omnipresent Chinese offered them their helping hand.
Tony Fang Wing-Chung, who is far from the poorest man in Hong Kong, has been looking at the Australian expanses for a long time. Not so long ago, this man proposed to the local government to build a new casino (or rather a huge resort complex with a casino) in Australia, in confirmation of which he provided the corresponding construction project. The preliminary cost of construction of this resort is approximately 4.2 billion US dollars. The complex will include a large hotel (for almost four thousand rooms), a sports and entertainment complex for 25 thousand people, a couple of hundred villas, a golf course, an artificial lagoon and, of course, a chic new casino.
Tony Fang pursues two goals: first, to attract a new tourist flow, because besides a luxurious resort complex and various entertainments that can be found here, there is something to admire (the beauty of Australian nature is really impressive); the second is to entice lovers to try their luck in their posh casino.
Meanwhile, while the Australian authorities decide whether building such a complex would be profitable for the country, Tony does not waste time and is going to buy Reef casino, which is located in the city of Cairns, not far from the Great Barrier Reef, a natural object of amazing beauty located along the northeast coast of the country. The billionaire offered $ 214 million to the owners of this gambling house. The very next day after Fang’s offer, shares of the gambling house Reef rose by more than 44%, which was a real record in the last six years.
In parallel, investors from other countries are beginning to think about investing their capital in various projects in Australia. So, for example, Crown Resorts and the Echo Entertainment Group, led by James Packer, announced their intention to invest about 1.5 billion US dollars in the development of gambling business in the Australian continent. Online Roller Coaster slot, good investment.