Casino Rules

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Any person who first comes to a gambling establishment needs, first of all, to master the rules of the gambling offered here. They can be recognized only at the real casino table, because different game variations are offered in different places and countries. However, such entertainment as roulette, blackjack or poker, are considered classic, so the casino rules vary.
Traditionally, players need a special table, chips, cards and other similar equipment. Basically, the game is played against a casino bank, but, for example, in certain types of poker you can defeat a real opponent. Players are driven by different desires: to have fun, to relax, or better – to break the jackpot. In any case, for this he will have to understand the rules of the most common gambling.
To play roulette you need a special wheel with numbered holes (from 0 to 36). It is made in such a way that the friction effect is minimal. After accepting bets, the dealer launches a ball made of Teflon or ivory, and watches the hole in which he stops. Quality equipment for roulette is considered to be an ideal random number generator – no one can manipulate the results on it.
The figures are divided by color, size and parity, and for each of these factors you can make a bet, the payment of which will be determined in a ratio of 1: 1. In addition, you can put on separate numbers – if you win, you will get more money. The highest payout ratio is 35: 1 – applied if you bet on one number.
There are several types of roulette. The oldest – French, appeared, probably in the 17th century, and occasionally is still used in some elite casinos. It is similar to European roulette, and the casino benefits to the player is 2.7%. In the American roulette appears 00, or a double zero, thanks to which the chances of the institution grow to 5.26%.
The famous card game, the predecessor of which was “twenty-one.” The objective of the player is to score 21 points (each ace brings 11 or 1 point, a woman, a king and a jack – 10 points, and cards with numbers – the number of points corresponding to their denomination). The situation in which a player from the start gets an ace and 10 points, is exactly called blackjack. Usually the player wins money in it in a ratio of 3: 2.